What's it like to work with a coach?

Updated: Jul 8

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Could 2021 be the year you embark on a coaching journey? Around two-thirds of my clients had never had coaching before they started working with me, and most of them would say they felt a little nervous before starting.

This is a brief article on how coaching works and what it would be like to work with me. As it's brief, it won’t cover everything in-depth, but it will hopefully answer some of your questions.

This article is not going to cover coaching myths as I have already covered that in a previous blog. It also won’t cover whether you are ready for coaching as there is already a brilliant article on it here - read that first!

Once you think you are ready to look into coaching further, then the following questions may spring to mind:

How do I choose a coach?

The most important thing is that your coach should be someone you can trust so that you can be open and honest with them. You also want someone who will challenge you a little, rather than make you feel too comfortable. Most coaches have a specialism, so make sure they focus on the area you are looking for. For example, I focus on professionals who feel “stuck” at work.

Make sure you meet with two or three coaches so can get a sense of whether you will work well with them - all coaches will give free “discovery calls” or initial sessions, so take advantage!

What will I need to do in preparation?

Critically you need to understand what coaching is and what it isn’t. Coaching is about facilitating the learning process, helping you find the answers for yourself. Because of this, you and I will work together in partnership. What you bring is a desire to learn and your accumulated experiences and self-knowledge. What I bring are my coaching skills to bring awareness and help you to create your own way forward. So don’t come expecting to ask me what you should do and also come armed with pen and paper as I don’t keep notes for you either!

I give my clients a pre-coaching questionnaire which aims to find out a bit more about you and your dilemma and asks you questions about your coaching experience, and your expectations of coaching. In our first session, we will go through the answers and agree on how we will work together.

A lot of my clients come worried that they don’t know where to start with their topic - that’s absolutely fine! My coaching process aims to unravel your confusing thoughts.

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How many sessions do we have and how long is each session?

It depends! (admit it - you knew I was going to say that!). I tend to see clients for between three and six sessions. Sometimes they pay for a “package” in advance and sometimes per session. My sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours, and they are currently all online.