Helen Tuddenham

Executive Coach and Leadership Development Professional

I help professionals who feel “stuck” at work to progress through coaching and leadership development. They unravel confusing thoughts, find their own distinctive path and gain the confidence and skills to excel. Once “unstuck” they have a deeper understanding of themselves, are more fulfilled in their work and are able to move forward on their career goals.

For organisations, the benefits are engaged and motivated employees, who are more proactive, more willing to go the extra mile, and who can perform successfully at the next level.

My clients are in a variety of professional sectors such as finance, compliance, HR, engineering and law. I work predominantly in Sussex, Surrey and London but am able to coach online for clients outside these areas.

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How I can help

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Learning and Development Consulting

I had a session with Helen in an effort to refine the way I've been thinking about my work and better define the 'core' of what makes me tick. I have a complex portfolio career with some recent changes and was feeling a bit stuck in my attempts to try to make sense of my direction. Helen's questions were thoughtful and incredibly productive. She skillfully guided me towards a genuine 'aha!' moment that just made everything click - I left the session feeling SO excited about what is next and felt a renewed sense of purpose. One happy woman 'unstuck'!

Katie Bank, Arts Researcher

My vision is for everyone to make the most of their talents and strengths