"I started seeing Helen at exactly the right time in my career. I was considering a new move to get a promotion and Helen really helped me see what I wanted. She talks to you like a human but is very clever at drawing things out of you. She challenges but is also supportive. When I had my interview, Helen helped me keep calm and helped me shape my ideas. I felt like she was always there for me. I got the job and I really think that Helen played a part in that. She is a great coach and anyone would be lucky to have her coach you."


Jude Wilson, Business Support Leader, PwC

I had a session with Helen in an effort to refine the way I've been thinking about my work and better define the 'core' of what makes me tick. I have a complex portfolio career with some recent changes and was feeling a bit stuck in my attempts to try to make sense of my direction. Helen's questions were thoughtful and incredibly productive. She skillfully guided me towards a genuine 'aha!' moment that just made everything click - I left the session feeling SO excited about what is next and felt a renewed sense of purpose. One happy woman 'unstuck'!

Katie Bank, Arts Researcher

Getting some coaching with Helen forced me to commit to thinking honestly and in depth about what I want out of my career,  where I stood in relation to my career and where I want to go.

In doing so, I was able to share my thought process with Helen and felt like I could open up and be honest about my journey and my career choices in the context of the rest of my life. This helped me understand what aspects are important and which I should focus on, as well as how to incorporate these into the next steps of my career. She was able to guide my thinking and challenge my assumptions when required. 

Our conversations led me to concrete answers such as helping me define what field I should look to gain experience in order to direct the next stage of my career. 

Embarking on this journey with Helen enabled me to become heavily involved in developing a proposition directly related to this new field and helped me confidently articulate to my management why I am the right person to be at the centre of this project.

From a place of doubts and lack of motivation with regards to my work, I am now feeling confident and excited to achieve my goals.

Jo, Risk Consultant

"I didn't know what to expect when I started my sessions with Helen as I had no previous experience of coaching. She has taken time to help me articulate what I want to achieve from the process and to gain a fuller understanding of who I am and what is important to me about work. Her Socratic approach has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of what my core values are and how to apply these at work. I had been drifting in my working life for quite some time and without spending this time with Helen I probably would be still. She has helped me to focus on why I'm doing what I'm doing and how I can improve in the future." 

Stephen Salmon, Senior Engineer, HaskoningDHV

I went to Helen for outplacement services wanting to rebuild my self-confidence and find a path through the difficult emotions I was experiencing, trying to use this as an opportunity for a reset and reframe in terms of career goals and direction. Helen has helped me with those goals in an incredibly supportive manner, showing skill in utilising her coaching skills to help find a way forward.

The result was I was having great success with interviews earlier this year and quickly secured a new contract. Due to the coaching received from Helen I was far more resilient in coping and have an optimistic and pragmatic approach to exploring opportunities post lockdown. I highly recommend Helen’s consulting services to anyone looking to change career or looking for assistance in developing their current career path

Fiona, Business Improvement and Transformation Consultant

I worked with Helen to gain clarity on next steps in my career and help with self-belief to build confidence. The coaching helped highlight key areas such as personal strengths, and skills and I gained a clearer focus on where I want to focus on my future career.  Having positive feedback and encouraging comments throughout each session helped me to acknowledge my personal and work capabilities. My more positive mindset and self-belief will enable me to build a fulfilling career and not settle.

Helen’s coaching style is supportive and encouraging. She asks insightful questions that show she has actively listened to your fears and concerns and is then able to summarise these in a way that really helps clarify your thoughts and actions.

Jamie, HR Professional