On this page are a selection of free career development and leadership development resources. Just click on the image and the resource will be emailed to you.

Checklist on how to make an impact in meetings from Helen Tuddenham Consulting available to download for free

Use this checklist before meetings to help you to achieve the outcome of your meeting and amplify the impact you intend to make.

Tips on effective online networking from Helen Tuddenham Consulting available to download for free

Figuring out how to get the most out of your online networking? Download this for hints and tips, for before, during and after your meetings.

Reflection exercise outline from Helen Tuddenham Consulting available to download for free

Looking to undertake a reflection exercise to help you to maximise learning from your experiences - both good and bad? Download a framework and suggested questions here.

Career Planning Exercises.png

Wondering where to go next in your career? Download this guide to find a wealth of career planning exercises for you to try out in your own time, or with a coach.

Online presentations.png

Need to do an online presentation or talk, and not sure how to make it engaging, memorable and achieve its purpose? Download this guide for plenty of ideas.

HT version.png

Are you feeling confused and unfocused? Use these twelve questions to help clarify your thinking and do some self-coaching.

Career Development Plan.png

Looking to create a Career Development Plan? Here's a template to keep all your information in one place and track your progress.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Here's a short guide with some suggestions that will help you to be more productive at work, feel more in control and save you time.

Coaching skills exercises.png

The primary coaching skills of active listening, asking great questions and putting aside judgement are not just the foundation of coaching but also the foundation of leadership. Download this document for some tips and exercises you can do to hone your coaching basics.