Failed in your New Year Resolutions? - it's not too late to be intentional

Updated: Jul 8

Three months into the new decade, how are your New Year Resolutions going? Research by YouGov shows that only a quarter of people in the UK keep their resolutions, as thousands of unused gym memberships, failed diets and empty bottles of wine can attest.

female hand holding a silver pen poised to write in a notebook

I have only ever kept one New Years resolution. Around ten years ago,I made a resolution to stop drinking coffee after 4 pm and it's something I have stuck to ever since. In fact, it was so successful that I have never made another resolution so I can keep my winning streak. That’s not to say that there haven’t been times when I have been intentional about setting a personal or professional goal and then stuck to it. For me, March is always a good time for goal setting. The daffodils are out, the days are a bit lighter and spring suggests new beginnings. Plus you still have a good chance to achieve something meaningful by the end of the year.

Here are five things that have worked for me in sticking to a resolution or intention:

Find space to think 

Spend time to figure out what exactly you want to achieve and your strategy for achieving it. This is something you need to make time for. Some intentions won’t need a huge amount of time to figure out - others may need much more.

Know what is important to you 

For an intention to work, it needs to be something really important to you. That means understanding yourself well, visualising the future, thinking of the benefits to you if you follow through and what you will miss out on if you stick with the status quo. Coming back to that vision will keep you on track when the going gets tough.

Think holistically and think big

Dare to challenge yourself, think creatively and choose something that takes in every aspect of your life. Spend time thinking about how your intention serves your whole life and how you will make it work. I love @LaraHolliday's concept of “have an Emprise not an Enterprise” - something that will give you a bigger life.

Have an action plan

You need an action plan, one that looks at the options available to you, your specific actions (both what and when), the roadblocks you may come up against and how you will overcome them. Having a deadline or a time-bound trial period can help focus the mind.

Accountability with others

A strong support network with people holding you accountable is essential, particularly if your intention is particularly challenging, or you have low levels of willpower! Having a small group of trusted friends or colleagues can be vital in getting you through the difficult days.

I have found these five guidelines really helpful over the years, not just in giving up coffee, but running a half marathon, planning a trip to visit a hospital in Uganda and most recently pivoting from a well-established career in the city to running my own business.

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